Long Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to be thankful for everything you have, to spend time with family, to take strolls in park and watch the leaves change colours but most importantly it is time to relax. That is exactly what I will be doing on my Thanksgiving weekend. This week has been a fairly stressful one with multiple assignments being due and my MSVU soccer game against Kings College. But it is all over now: assignments are done and we won our game against Kings College with a 2-1 victory last night. Of course I still have assignments to do on the weekend as most students do, but those can wait until Sunday or Monday. This weekend is mine: I have no practice, no games, an annual  “turkey cup” hockey game with friends, and a turkey dinner to look forward to with family. This is my Thanksgiving tradition and I love it… especially the turkey. But this brings me to my main point. Have you ever actually seen a live turkey? The things are ugly as can be: they have the weirdest faces and I’m not sure what’s going on with those beaks. I’m not ashamed to admit that if one was chasing me I’d be more than a little frightened. I think it’s the eyes that intimidate me the most. Those cold black eyes, it’s as if they are staring into your soul. I learned a few years ago that large birds may seem peaceful but if you mess with them they aren’t afraid to bite back. 2 years ago I was running on a path when I came across two geese who were blocking the path. I thought nothing of it and continued to run thinking that they would fly away as I got close but was I ever wrong. Instead of flying away they spread their wings, made a weird noise, and chased me along the path for a good 100 feet until I  had enough of that and decided to change tactics. I turned around and dodged them as I ran by. I made it by them in one piece, but not without a few scratches on the legs and a close call with an attempted bite to the groin region. After that incident I gave large birds the respect they deserve. So if you find yourself in a one-on-one encounter with a live turkey this Thanksgiving, run away and get your revenge at Superstore as you buy/eat its cousin.




I started this school year the same as I have in the past: with drive and determination. I am going to be the best student I can be. I will buy one of those large fancy MSVU calendars that they sell in Rosaria bookstore, make a schedule, prioritize my time, buy all my course textbooks, read textbooks, study at least one hour a day, and go to every class.

This was my master plan and it was a good one. Except for one major flaw… I procrastinate. That being said, I am a good student, just not in September. I get good marks, perform all tasks required, participate in class, and meet every deadline. But I tend to make schoolwork harder on myself as I leave the majority of my work to be done in October. In all my school years I have yet been able to accomplish what I set out to do in September. I understand all the great reasons to do these tasks early but cannot bring myself to dedicate the time required. I blame this on the weather. Like most students, I spend my summer working away to earn money for the upcoming school year and had no real vacation throughout the 4 months of my internship with Kraft Foods. This left me with little time to enjoy my summer, especially since tuition was being hiked up 3%. So once my internship was over I had an overwhelming sense of freedom and desire to be out in the sun. I had also acquired a respectable farmers tan which needed to go. The only problem was that my internship ended on August 31 and school started on September 5. This left little room to experience the freedom I was looking for. So instead of accomplishing what I set out to do academically, I spent my early September surfing, playing tennis, drinking beers, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, and doing everything else I missed out on during the summer. I even took a trip to Cape Breton which was beautiful; the landscape and scenery is second to none in Nova Scotia. But once MSVU soccer season started I had to put all of these activities on hold. 2 hour practices 4 days a week and games on the weekend. Soccer just increased my procrastination. I wanted to spend as much time in the sun as possible before it got cold.

Well we’re into October and the weather is getting cold, which means it’s finally time to get assignments done, buy my MSVU calendar, make a schedule, prioritize my time, read textbooks, and study. I have had my fun and it was great. But now I need to buckle down, graduate, and spend more time outside next summer.


I started this week on a high note. Last Saturday/Sunday, MSVU played against the two New Brunswick teams: Saint Thomas University & Saint John University. We tied our first game 0-0 and won the second 1-0. Considering last season’s results, this was a great beginning for our team. The only downside was that I spent my weekend (6am Saturday-9pm Sunday) on a bus. To say the least this was not very fun, but the good outweighed the bad in this scenario. So when Monday rolled around I was in a great mood. I went to class, talked to friends, bought course textbooks and decided to buy the Macbook Pro Retina 15″. This was a huge buy for me as I have never owned a Macbook before and more importantly, I have never owned a Laptop before… Shocking, I know. How have I made it 4 years into my university career without a laptop? It was done with dedication and a lot of wasted hours waiting for a computer to come available in the library or commuting back home to work on my  6 year old desktop. So when I finally opened the box to reveal my new Macbook Pro Retina I was excited. It was beautiful with its slim design, all-aluminum casing and it was inconceivably fast. But this is when I discovered that I did not know how to use Mac software. Luckily for me, as soon as I bought this lovely machine I got sick. While usually I would refer to being sick as a bad thing, this gave me time to get acquainted with my machine.

While this post is a rather boring one, I just wanted to put it out there that I still don’t really know what I’m doing with my Mac. The real challenge is going to come when I have to submit an assignment using “Numbers” or “Keynote” which are Apple’s “Excel” and “PowerPoint”. I know that Microsoft Office for Macs exist but I am much to broke to buy that. It came down to beer money or Office for Macs and beer money won. Image

Hello MSVU!

As mentioned in the web address and blog header my name is Chris Quinlivan-Hall. Over the next few months I will be posting weekly blogs about my interests and general thoughts including but not limited to: the awful male bathroom options within Seton, whether Gus the Tortoise at the Halifax Museum of Natural History is still alive? Where you can find amazing outdoor adventures within Nova Scotia, where you can find Jenner (Halifax’s best mixologist) and other fun issues.

But first off let me tell you a little about me. I grew up in Sackville, Nova Scotia in a family of six children where I am the youngest. I have a twin brother named Peter who also attends MSVU.  I am in my final year of study towards a BBA with a major in management and a concentration in marketing. I also play for MSVU’s soccer team. In my spare time, I volunteer as a firefighter in Lower Sackville or you can often find me hiking around with my dog Indie or surfing at Laurencetown.   


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