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It has been brought to my attention that I may be a grinch. For those of you that were neglected as children and have not read Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, it is a story about how a disturbingly green furry monster tries to ruin Christmas for an entire town. The Grinch hates Christmas and all it stands for.

On some level I can sympathizes with the Grinch. The town did continually play Christmas music throughout the streets. And what’s worse is that Christmas is still on their minds the rest of the year. But this is where my sympathy ends. So does this make me a Grinch?

Well, I do hate my Christmas music. Ever since my days working at Canadian Tire having the same Christmas music on loop. Over and over again I heard “Little Drummer Boy”, “Momma Kissed Santa Clause”, and “Jingle Bell Rock”. It quickly became apparent that I had no love for these songs and what’s worse is that it turned me off Christmas music entirely.

The next problem I have with Christmas is when people start their Christmas cheer to early. I have no problem if you want to decorate your house, buy a tree, have gifts wrapped, listen to Christmas music or wear reindeer antlers while it’s still October, but don’t force it upon me. My Christmas starts in December or those late November days when the fist snow fall arrives. It is at this point that I start thinking about decorations and gifts, but still no music. I like to be finished exams and relaxed before I start thinking about my holidays. It is a time of peace and fun, so I like to be stress-free before I celebrate. So does this make me a Grinch? I don’t think so.

Let me end this by using my favourite quote by the Grinch: “Blast this Christmas music. It’s joyful and triumphant!”


Tail Vs. Wings

The other day I was walking my dog Indiana or Indie for short (a Golden-Doodle) through the Second Lake trail in the woods with my girlfriend. I love this trail: you’re surrounded by large trees, wildlife, and a lake. It is an “Off-Leash HRM Trail” so Indie can frolic around all he wants without me having to worry about who he’s going to run after. This is great for me as I find being in the woods surrounded by nature an excellent time to ponder serious issues and questions and I tend to lose myself in my thoughts.

On this particular day, like most of the others on the trail, I had a serious question I was pondering… what would be better: to have a monkey’s tail or giant wings? I originally thought that a long furry functioning monkey tail would be really cool. By functioning I mean that I am able to move it around the same as monkeys do. Firstly, it would look awesome. And secondly, your balance would be so much better. I also feel this would make climbing trees that much more fun.

But then I thought about having giant wings such as Angel in X-Men. The wings in my mind are feathered. I personally would want something like that of an eagle or hawk, but plain white ones would do just as well. To be able to use these wings and fly around would be so useful. Traffic jams? Nope, I’ll just fly.  So after a long and deep internal look at both sides, I decided, why only choose one? Wouldn’t having a tail make flying easier? It could be used as a rudder of sorts.

It was at this point that I brought the topic up with my girlfriend. I thought it was a great idea of human evolution and a logical leap as all the other mammals I can think of have a tail… wings might be a little too much to expect, but one can hope. But she thought it was crazy and, more importantly, that I was weird for even thinking of it. It turns out that she doesn’t want to have a tail and that wings would be an inconvenience because her clothes wouldn’t fit anymore. She did however say that having perfect pitch like a bird would be awesome.

That’s when I realized she was the weird one, not me, as I was lead to believe up to that point.


I have always been curious as to why it’s the Mount Saint Vincent Mystics. Firstly, what is a mystic? defines it as:
mys·tic (mstk)
1. Of or relating to religious mysteries or occult rites and practices.
2. Of or relating to mysticism or mystics.
3. Inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder.
One who practices or believes in mysticism or a given form of mysticism

According to the first definition, all Mount students practice occultism (magic, alchemy, astrology, knowledge of the paranormal). So far in my 4+ years here, I have yet to see this. Don’t get me wrong though, if somewhere at this school there is a secret entrance to a magical campus, not unlike Harry Potter, then I’m all in: just tell me which wall I have to run through. Unfortunately I don’t think this is the case. So let’s look at the second definition.

Mysticism refers to being spiritually connected to a superior being with direct communication, intuition, or experiences. This certainly makes a little more sense, but isn’t quite as exciting as the first definition. The Mount is (or used to be) a very religious school with the old “Motherhouse” on top of the hill and nuns randomly walked the halls making you feel guilty for having a midweek hangover or for skipping class.

The third definition could also make sense: inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder. There is unquestionably a few mysteries at the school such as: why there is a random statue of Mary in the woods between Seton and Evaristus, or why the fourth floor male bathroom has a stack of desks, tables, and chairs piled in the corner. As for wonder, I’m sure the student body is always wondering what knowledge our exceptional professors are going to bestow upon these curious minds of ours.

I don’t mean to rant and I actually do have a point. As described, a Mystic can mean a few things all of which might apply to MSVU. My only question is that if we are the Mystics why is our mascot a mountain lion? I say we embrace the full meaning of the name Mystics and make our mascot a wizard!

MSVU Soccer

First of all, I want to say congratulations to the Women’s MSVU soccer team who are heading to nationals and are the ACAA Champions.

Unfortunately, the Men’s MSVU soccer season is over. This is due to our semi-final loss against Kings College on the weekend. While we lost the game, I’ve been told that it was a great game to watch. From the beginning to end, it was a nail bitter: both of our teams fought hard and went 120 minutes without a goal… This is a particular sore point for me though, as we actually did score in the 113th minute but it was taken away from us by the referee. One of the Kings College players ran into their own goalie, knocking him over, but the referee thought we had knocked the goalie over and called a foul against us. If we had not been robbed of the goal we would have won the game and moved onto finals. But one should not dwell on the past, so I have decided to move on and stop being bitter. That is not to say that I won’t continue to use this loss as an experience to figure out what I could have done better and continue to improve.

But the most disappointing result of the loss is that practice is now over. No longer do I have two hour practices Tuesday through Friday and games on the weekend. I loved getting outside for two hours a day, kicking around a ball with friends. There were days when I wanted nothing more that to stay at home or times when another player pissed you off, and the weather was certainly not the best as we moved into October, but I suffered through it all because the fun of it all outweighed the bad.

I love being active. So now that soccer is over I’ll have to find something to fill that hole. I just signed up for the Lucky 7’s relay race in Halifax and the Hypothermic Half Marathon in February but I need something else. Maybe I’ll start up yoga… then again, I’m broke so maybe not.

If any of you readers have a suggestion for my dilemma, please leave a comment. I’m always more than happy to try new sports and activities.

Fantastic Mr.Fox

I love Halloween! Every year one of my friends hosts a Halloween party at his house. And each year, the costumes get more intense and creative. Last year a guy showed up as Mr. Dressup. He had the costume down to a T: the hair, clothes, mannerisms, and even made his own hand puppets including Chester the Crow and Truffles the Pig. But most impressive was that he had a hand-carved wooden chest known as the “tickle trunk” from the show. This costume obviously took a lot of effort and time to create. But my twin brother, Peter, still takes the cake for most time spent on costumes. My brother recently wrote the LSAT. For those who don’t know, the LSAT is a very difficult standardized test used by universities for students applying to law school. For the last few months my brother has been studying for this test – or at least he should have been. Instead, every time I saw him he was either trying to solve a rubik’s cube or researching Halloween costumes. In his mind, I think he was using the rubik’s cube as a test. If he could solve the rubik’s cube, he could pass the test. Luckily for him, he solved the rubik’s cube. This, of course, was great as it freed up more time for looking at costumes. About two weeks ago, Peter finally decided on a costume. He was going to go as Fantastic Mr. Fox. Shortly after making this great and important decision, he found a a fox mask that would be perfect. Only when it arrived in the mail, it wasn’t perfect. This led to a long night of pondering. In the morning, he decided to head to Atlantic Fabrics for a solution. This was the moment I discovered how serious Peter was about this costume. I returned home to see my bearded brother standing in the kitchen (which had become his new arts and crafts centre) welding a hot pick glue gun and a role of furry fabric, quickly followed by questions such as “does this look good?” or “does this make my face look big?”. But in the end, the mask looks awesome… or “fantastic” if you will.

The point of this story is that Halloween isn’t just for kids, it’s for adults too. And why shouldn’t it be? You get to dress up, eat candy, and enjoy a glass of beer while looking like a fox. I think my brother and I spend more time on our costumes now than we did when we were kids. But this year I will be playing soccer on Saturday October 27 against Kings College in the semi-finals and when we win, we will be one game away from going to Nationals. So I might not get to dress up this year but I might be going to Nationals – I think it’s a fair trade.




Winter…Bring it on!

I’m sitting down thinking about what to write, when it dawned on me that I am FREEZING! My room is ice cold. This is likely due to my window being open, so I have no one to blame but myself. But it made me think about why I’m over Fall. The problem is that the weather is too cold to leave your windows open but still not quite cold enough to start lighting up my wood stove fireplace. I consider Fall a transition season. I love the summer and I love my winters. But the fall is just so boring. Sure, the leaves change colours, you get the occasional hurricane (I love a good hurricane or storm), pumpkins are ready to carve, and you can start wearing flannel shirts again… but it just doesn’t bring the same joy I get from a nice winter’s day. There is nothing better than having a snow day. School is cancelled, beautiful snow is blanketing the ground, and you’re outside showing the local kids how to properly build a ramp for sledding, or just pummeling them with snowballs. When you finally run out of snowballs or are tired of getting your butt kicked by a bunch of 10 year olds, you always have the option to head to Martock or Wentworth to do a little skiing/snowboarding. I recognize that both of these places are poor excuses for Ski Hills but it’s all we have in Nova Scotia, and while they are more like ski bumps than actual hills, it is still fun ripping down the slope with your friends. If you are unfamiliar with our ski hills, I recommend heading to Wentworth over Martock. It is a little further of a drive and more expensive, but offers a better ride and terrain park (jumps and rails) for anyone with experience.

But the best part about winter is when you come back inside after a long eventful day in the snow. The fire is blazing as you take off all your wet clothes and wrap yourself in a blanket. You have hot chocolate ready to go and a movie to watch as you slowly pass out from an exhausting day in the snow. This is how I like to spend my winter and why I look forward to the next season. But instead of frolicking in the snow, I’m stuck walking around looking at leaves. So Winter, please hurry up and get here so I can get warm by the fire and drink cocoa while watching the snow fall.