I have always been curious as to why it’s the Mount Saint Vincent Mystics. Firstly, what is a mystic? defines it as:
mys·tic (mstk)
1. Of or relating to religious mysteries or occult rites and practices.
2. Of or relating to mysticism or mystics.
3. Inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder.
One who practices or believes in mysticism or a given form of mysticism

According to the first definition, all Mount students practice occultism (magic, alchemy, astrology, knowledge of the paranormal). So far in my 4+ years here, I have yet to see this. Don’t get me wrong though, if somewhere at this school there is a secret entrance to a magical campus, not unlike Harry Potter, then I’m all in: just tell me which wall I have to run through. Unfortunately I don’t think this is the case. So let’s look at the second definition.

Mysticism refers to being spiritually connected to a superior being with direct communication, intuition, or experiences. This certainly makes a little more sense, but isn’t quite as exciting as the first definition. The Mount is (or used to be) a very religious school with the old “Motherhouse” on top of the hill and nuns randomly walked the halls making you feel guilty for having a midweek hangover or for skipping class.

The third definition could also make sense: inspiring a sense of mystery and wonder. There is unquestionably a few mysteries at the school such as: why there is a random statue of Mary in the woods between Seton and Evaristus, or why the fourth floor male bathroom has a stack of desks, tables, and chairs piled in the corner. As for wonder, I’m sure the student body is always wondering what knowledge our exceptional professors are going to bestow upon these curious minds of ours.

I don’t mean to rant and I actually do have a point. As described, a Mystic can mean a few things all of which might apply to MSVU. My only question is that if we are the Mystics why is our mascot a mountain lion? I say we embrace the full meaning of the name Mystics and make our mascot a wizard!


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