MSVU Soccer

First of all, I want to say congratulations to the Women’s MSVU soccer team who are heading to nationals and are the ACAA Champions.

Unfortunately, the Men’s MSVU soccer season is over. This is due to our semi-final loss against Kings College on the weekend. While we lost the game, I’ve been told that it was a great game to watch. From the beginning to end, it was a nail bitter: both of our teams fought hard and went 120 minutes without a goal… This is a particular sore point for me though, as we actually did score in the 113th minute but it was taken away from us by the referee. One of the Kings College players ran into their own goalie, knocking him over, but the referee thought we had knocked the goalie over and called a foul against us. If we had not been robbed of the goal we would have won the game and moved onto finals. But one should not dwell on the past, so I have decided to move on and stop being bitter. That is not to say that I won’t continue to use this loss as an experience to figure out what I could have done better and continue to improve.

But the most disappointing result of the loss is that practice is now over. No longer do I have two hour practices Tuesday through Friday and games on the weekend. I loved getting outside for two hours a day, kicking around a ball with friends. There were days when I wanted nothing more that to stay at home or times when another player pissed you off, and the weather was certainly not the best as we moved into October, but I suffered through it all because the fun of it all outweighed the bad.

I love being active. So now that soccer is over I’ll have to find something to fill that hole. I just signed up for the Lucky 7’s relay race in Halifax and the Hypothermic Half Marathon in February but I need something else. Maybe I’ll start up yoga… then again, I’m broke so maybe not.

If any of you readers have a suggestion for my dilemma, please leave a comment. I’m always more than happy to try new sports and activities.


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