Fantastic Mr.Fox

I love Halloween! Every year one of my friends hosts a Halloween party at his house. And each year, the costumes get more intense and creative. Last year a guy showed up as Mr. Dressup. He had the costume down to a T: the hair, clothes, mannerisms, and even made his own hand puppets including Chester the Crow and Truffles the Pig. But most impressive was that he had a hand-carved wooden chest known as the “tickle trunk” from the show. This costume obviously took a lot of effort and time to create. But my twin brother, Peter, still takes the cake for most time spent on costumes. My brother recently wrote the LSAT. For those who don’t know, the LSAT is a very difficult standardized test used by universities for students applying to law school. For the last few months my brother has been studying for this test – or at least he should have been. Instead, every time I saw him he was either trying to solve a rubik’s cube or researching Halloween costumes. In his mind, I think he was using the rubik’s cube as a test. If he could solve the rubik’s cube, he could pass the test. Luckily for him, he solved the rubik’s cube. This, of course, was great as it freed up more time for looking at costumes. About two weeks ago, Peter finally decided on a costume. He was going to go as Fantastic Mr. Fox. Shortly after making this great and important decision, he found a a fox mask that would be perfect. Only when it arrived in the mail, it wasn’t perfect. This led to a long night of pondering. In the morning, he decided to head to Atlantic Fabrics for a solution. This was the moment I discovered how serious Peter was about this costume. I returned home to see my bearded brother standing in the kitchen (which had become his new arts and crafts centre) welding a hot pick glue gun and a role of furry fabric, quickly followed by questions such as “does this look good?” or “does this make my face look big?”. But in the end, the mask looks awesome… or “fantastic” if you will.

The point of this story is that Halloween isn’t just for kids, it’s for adults too. And why shouldn’t it be? You get to dress up, eat candy, and enjoy a glass of beer while looking like a fox. I think my brother and I spend more time on our costumes now than we did when we were kids. But this year I will be playing soccer on Saturday October 27 against Kings College in the semi-finals and when we win, we will be one game away from going to Nationals. So I might not get to dress up this year but I might be going to Nationals – I think it’s a fair trade.



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