Winter…Bring it on!

I’m sitting down thinking about what to write, when it dawned on me that I am FREEZING! My room is ice cold. This is likely due to my window being open, so I have no one to blame but myself. But it made me think about why I’m over Fall. The problem is that the weather is too cold to leave your windows open but still not quite cold enough to start lighting up my wood stove fireplace. I consider Fall a transition season. I love the summer and I love my winters. But the fall is just so boring. Sure, the leaves change colours, you get the occasional hurricane (I love a good hurricane or storm), pumpkins are ready to carve, and you can start wearing flannel shirts again… but it just doesn’t bring the same joy I get from a nice winter’s day. There is nothing better than having a snow day. School is cancelled, beautiful snow is blanketing the ground, and you’re outside showing the local kids how to properly build a ramp for sledding, or just pummeling them with snowballs. When you finally run out of snowballs or are tired of getting your butt kicked by a bunch of 10 year olds, you always have the option to head to Martock or Wentworth to do a little skiing/snowboarding. I recognize that both of these places are poor excuses for Ski Hills but it’s all we have in Nova Scotia, and while they are more like ski bumps than actual hills, it is still fun ripping down the slope with your friends. If you are unfamiliar with our ski hills, I recommend heading to Wentworth over Martock. It is a little further of a drive and more expensive, but offers a better ride and terrain park (jumps and rails) for anyone with experience.

But the best part about winter is when you come back inside after a long eventful day in the snow. The fire is blazing as you take off all your wet clothes and wrap yourself in a blanket. You have hot chocolate ready to go and a movie to watch as you slowly pass out from an exhausting day in the snow. This is how I like to spend my winter and why I look forward to the next season. But instead of frolicking in the snow, I’m stuck walking around looking at leaves. So Winter, please hurry up and get here so I can get warm by the fire and drink cocoa while watching the snow fall.


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