Long Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to be thankful for everything you have, to spend time with family, to take strolls in park and watch the leaves change colours but most importantly it is time to relax. That is exactly what I will be doing on my Thanksgiving weekend. This week has been a fairly stressful one with multiple assignments being due and my MSVU soccer game against Kings College. But it is all over now: assignments are done and we won our game against Kings College with a 2-1 victory last night. Of course I still have assignments to do on the weekend as most students do, but those can wait until Sunday or Monday. This weekend is mine: I have no practice, no games, an annual  “turkey cup” hockey game with friends, and a turkey dinner to look forward to with family. This is my Thanksgiving tradition and I love it… especially the turkey. But this brings me to my main point. Have you ever actually seen a live turkey? The things are ugly as can be: they have the weirdest faces and I’m not sure what’s going on with those beaks. I’m not ashamed to admit that if one was chasing me I’d be more than a little frightened. I think it’s the eyes that intimidate me the most. Those cold black eyes, it’s as if they are staring into your soul. I learned a few years ago that large birds may seem peaceful but if you mess with them they aren’t afraid to bite back. 2 years ago I was running on a path when I came across two geese who were blocking the path. I thought nothing of it and continued to run thinking that they would fly away as I got close but was I ever wrong. Instead of flying away they spread their wings, made a weird noise, and chased me along the path for a good 100 feet until I  had enough of that and decided to change tactics. I turned around and dodged them as I ran by. I made it by them in one piece, but not without a few scratches on the legs and a close call with an attempted bite to the groin region. After that incident I gave large birds the respect they deserve. So if you find yourself in a one-on-one encounter with a live turkey this Thanksgiving, run away and get your revenge at Superstore as you buy/eat its cousin.



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